The Perfect Book for Your Little Reader


MortonandGordon_Skinny Cover

Does your little reader have their own Kindle and seems to be gobbling up books as soon as they are uploaded? Are the independent and love to read on their own in the free-time or before they’re tucked in for bed? If so, they would love to get, “Morten and Gordon Shelter from the Storm,” on their Kindle for the holidays. It is such a fun book that they can read over and over again.

With vibrantly colorful illustrations by Ann Pilicer, “Morten and Gordon” is sure to catch a child’s eye. The farm’s bright backdrop serves as the critters’ playground with a new fun scene on every page. A clever rhyme scheme throughout the story will keep those younger listeners engaged as they have fun on the farm with Morten and Gordon.

Grab a copy of “Morten and Gordon: Shelter from the Storm” on Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback here

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