Low on Bedtime Stories and Need One on the Spot? Grab Morten and Gordon on Kindle!

Imagine you’re about to tuck your child in, and they request a bedtime story – which is nothing out of the usual – but, they’re sick of hearing the same story for the 20th night in a row, what do you do?! Easy, jump on Amazon and purchase a children’s book. It’s as easy as a click of a button and it is delivered to your Kindle library! Right now, Morten and Gordon Shelter from the Storm is only $3.99 on Kindle. Grab yours before the pressure is on!

With vibrantly colorful illustrations by Ann Pilicer, “Morten and Gordon” is sure to catch a child’s eye. The farm’s bright backdrop serves as the critters’ playground with a new fun scene on every page. A clever rhyme scheme throughout the story will keep those younger listeners engaged as they have fun on the farm with Morten and Gordon.

Grab a copy of “Morten and Gordon: Shelter from the Storm” on Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback here

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