Reading with Your Grandchildren

Bonding with your grandchild is so fulfilling and can bring so much joy into your life as a grandparent. A great way to do so is through reading. Here are a few tips on how to connect with your grandchild during story time —


Start reading to your grandchild when he or she is a baby. Introduce your grandchild to the sound of your voice. Try reciting nursery rhymes or reading simple books. Use a pleasant, sing-song voice. Let a baby play with books that are sturdy.

As your grandchild begins to grow, keep the excitement of reading going by reading slowly and using different voices for different characters. Be prepared to repeat. Reading to a child often means reading the same book over and over and over again. Kids hear something new each time you read the same old story.

Get your grandchildren involved in reading. Don’t read through an entire book without a break. Instead, stop reading from time to time so you can ask your grandchild questions about the story.

If your grandchild is adventurous and loves a story about animals, Morten and Gordon should be your next read! The story of two squirrels, brothers Morten and Gordon live on a farm and are loving it. Whether they are watching the farmer plant his crops or sampling them, they always seem to be living life to the fullest. One night, a storm comes and the brothers need to find shelter. Morten and Gordon scurry up to the farmer’s porch and seek refuge from the weather in his warm boots, staying safe and dry all night long.

With vibrantly colorful illustrations by Ann Pilicer, “Morten and Gordon” is sure to catch a child’s eye.

Grab a copy of “Morten and Gordon: Shelter from the Storm” on Kindle, Hardcover  here

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