Short on Cash But Want to Treat Your Child to a New Read? Grab Morten and Gordon Under $5 on Kindle!

Whether you’re grabbing a new read for your child or as a gift for a loved one, “Morten and Gordon: Shelter from the Storm” can be purchased on Amazon for $5 for Kindle!


A vividly illustrated children’s book, the inspiration for “Morten and Gordon” came to author Donna L. Valentino in the form of a squirrel curled up in a boot on her back step. Valentino took the squirrel choosing her boot as a sign and began work on her first book. The story of two squirrels, brothers Morten and Gordon live on a farm and are loving it. Whether they are watching the farmer plant his crops or sampling them, they always seem to be living life to the fullest. One night, a storm comes and the brothers need to find shelter. Morten and Gordon scurry up to the farmer’s porch and seek refuge from the weather in his warm boots, staying safe and dry all night long.

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With vibrantly colorful illustrations by Ann Pilicer, “Morten and Gordon” is sure to catch a child’s eye. The farm’s bright backdrop serves as the critters’ playground with a new fun scene on every page. A clever rhyme scheme throughout the story will keep those younger listeners engaged as they have fun on the farm with Morten and Gordon.

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