Donna Headshot Cleaned UpDonna Valentino  was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but now resides in the beautiful state of Florida with her son Michael. Tending to her garden and cooking are Donna’s favorite pursuits, along with watching her son, the musician, perform. Over the years she enjoyed a career in the dental field. That would change one fall day when a brief encounter would inspire her to write again. A curious baby squirrel hopped into a boot left by her back door. This caught the attention of her cat Caesar. The startled squirrel emerged from the boot to see Donna and her cat both staring back at him. He leapt from the boot and scurried across the deck. After pausing to look back at them once more, he then ran off into the woods behind their home. Drawing upon her past love of writing poetry, she set out to write a children’s book about the encounter. Thus Morten & Gordon was born! She has a desire to write and publish more books in the future.